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Here you will find everything, placemats, tablecloths and cultery paper cases.

Unprinted, pre-printed and printed with your logo

kraft_atypoto reborn pack


Disposable placemat in kraft brown striped & sulphite white with dimensions 30x40cm, unprinted, pre-printed and printed with your logo.

cutlery case - kraft cheesecake paper bag printed

Cultery paper cases

Cultery paper case - envelopes for your cutlery, now immediately available 2,600 pcs per 10kg box. Unprinted, pre-printed and with your logo.

with a PE liner inside kraft brown reborn pack


Disposable tablecloths are available with a PE liner inside and without at 50 / 80gr. Immediately available and standard in many designs.

kraft paper bag printing for pies and cutlery paper case

Cultery paper case

Due to the pandemic, the Ministry of Health urged the cultery of each store to be placed in cases so that no one needs to grab the cultery with their hands, protecting the transmission of the virus to the customer and then to those around them. That's why we created a series of unprinted and standard cultery paper cases in kraft brown, a product that is suitable for contact with food. 

Available in unprinted, pre-printed and of course in printed with the name of your store.

Use disposable kraft packages

Immediate delivery to informal and pre-printed trade


Consumption now in disposable packaging such as tablecloths is very large, we have tablecloths in dimensions 50x70cm + 70x70cm in kraft brown paper 50 + 80gr with a PE liner inside and without. The product is suitable for food + we protect the environment by choosing it. Choose the model that best suits your store or use it unprinted or print your logo. Ideal for taverns and restaurants and resort hotel resorts.

tablecloth placemats - pizza
unprinted placemats


Individual product in kraft coffee 80gr, paper suitable for contact with food, immediately available in unprinted and printed. The dimension most used for consumption is 30x40cm, but we can adjust the placemat according to your needs. You can print your logo on a roll repeating from 1-4 colors, thus making a difference on your table. 

So good appetite!

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Cultery paper case
Sulphite white 90gr
kraft 50gr without PE liner inside
craft without PE liner inside 80gr

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