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Packaging is the most economical advertisement for your store!


'' The brand for a company is what a reputation is for a person! ''

A brand is not just a brand, a design or a logo. This is how your customers get to know you, it is familiar to them and this is how they make you stand out. The goal is to gain trustworthy relationships, loyal customers, and influence the effectiveness of your sales.

Store promotion

An impressive packaging that stands out has a positive effect on the purchase decision

Packaging design

In collaboration with our creative department, we design your idea together

printed REBORN PACK printing paper bag with aluminum

Act smart

Think like your ideal customer! Let's create the mockup that will go viral!
The picture is the A and O!

What else can you do for your business?

Some printings

We print your ideas

gold color printing

double-walled paper cup

printing on aluminum and paper with 1 color

printing with aluminum foil + paper bag + plastic cup

paper bag for archie's potatoes

The three great elements of modern civilization, Gun powder, Printing, and the Protestant religion.

Paper bags

Paper bag (for snack), with window, on corner (one side open), with aluminum, envelope and transport


Confectionery and grill boxes with aluminum and without


Plastic and paper bags in various qualities

Wrapping papers

In various dimensions and different types of paper, with a PE liner inside and with aluminum inner lining


Disposable paper cups and plastics + lids


Stickers for many uses and different sizes

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r logo rebornpack


Creative Department

Terma Dioskouron,
position German

Our design department is here for your ideas

It's all about branding

We create unique packages together because we want our customers to be happy with the result during our cooperation.