Ecological Selection
It is the responsibility of all of us
disposable packaging should not leave an environmental mark!
Recycle Now
More than 17% of the total rubbish that ends up in the bins
could have been recycled.
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eco-friendly products

recycle paper bag
recycle paper bag

* Green * Culture

At RebornPack we take seriously the interaction of packaging materials with food, always with safety and ecological awareness in mind! We produce for you paper packaging certified with EN ISO 22000: 2005, environmentally friendly!

Plastic straws take about 200 years to disintegrate.

recycle paper bag
recycle paper bag

Did you know that ..

At present, according to the European Commission, only 55% of packaging waste is recycled. From the packaging waste, only 25% of plastic, 60% of paper + cardboard end up in the recycling bins, while there are no data for aluminum.

Taking care of our planet

Recycling saves huge amounts of raw materials and energy.
According to statistics, only 16% of the global plastic you produce can be recycled.
Recycle plastic up to 3 times, while colored plastics are not recycled.

recycle paper bag


Nylon bags and plastic straws are difficult to impossible to recycle!
This is because they are made of flexible material that reason
of its small size blocks the recycling machines causing damage and thus slowing down the process.

recycle paper bag


Recycle the paper up to 6 times. Recycled paper and natural products complement each other ecologically and economically. Unsuitable for recycling are kitchen paper, toilet paper as well as paper towels. Oiled sheets of paper and wet paper are not recycled.

recycle paper bag


Recycling paper saves 64% energy from being produced from scratch.

We choose packaging responsibly.
We act ecologically!

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