You should know that ...

All our paper bags are suitable for food. 

The colors we use in printing are completely safe in contact with food.

Our paper bags are packed per 10 kg (net weight) and list externally how many pieces they have per kilo with a deviation of + -5%

The Reborn Pack team
paper bag kraft
paper bag kraft
Heavy brown aluminum kraft


Ready-to-deliver paper bags in a variety of dimensions packed per 10kg. We produce special dimensions by arrangement.

paper bag your snack

generic design

Printed commercial paper bags with a general model for pastries, snacks, puff pastry, souvlaki, grocery store and memorial.



We print the logo
and your idea
in a paper bag or envelope
with a minimum order of 100kg per dimension.

the paper bags we produce

Paper bag with pleat

  • In quality Greaseproof 45grm that retains fats suitable for catering businesses (brown, white)
  • In Kraft primary 50grm or recycled 80grm for bakery, greengrocers and retail store packaging (brown, white)
  • Paper bags in special Gloss and sulphite white qualities can be produced to order. (white)

Carrying paper bag

Handmade kraft bag in brown and white paper, environmentally friendly. Alternative packaging for retail, restaurants and delivery shops. Sizes 25x44cm, 25x34cm, 20x44cm with pleat opening up to 14cm. (unprinted, printed and printed, for food transport)

Paper bag with aluminum

With internal aluminum reinforcement for maximum strength. Keeps food warm and nuts fresh. So that you always deliver the final product intact to external factors to your customers.

  • Kraft brown 65grm (more pieces per kilo)
  • Kraft brown 90grm 
  • Sulphite white 90grm

Paper bag with window

With a transparency strip to highlight the internal product (window). Ideal choice for bakery products, packaging of dry food, organic products. Ready-made quality in Kraft brown 50gr and dimension 12x44cm. (unprinted, generic trade printing for bakery shop)

Paper bag one sided open

Size 13x18cm with smart application for serving crepes, fast food, finger foods for restaurants, catering, canteens, canteens and businesses take away.

Envelope for cutlery

Cultery paper cases. Immediately available in Kraft brown 65grm, unprinted and commercially printed. Print your name from 25.000pcs

Paper envelope without pleat

Retail packaging of tourist items, gifts and jewelry. In white kraft 45grm, in special dimensions such as 9,5 * 13cm 16 * 22cm. Come and find the ideal dimension and quality for the needs of your business.


Ready-made paper package 10kg, immediately available for your store. 

More trade models

+ seasonal trade models
paper bag with aluminum memorial
pharmacy paper bag
checkered napkin - kraft cheesecake paper bag
one sided flat bag snack
rebornpack transport paper bag
take away transport
christmas paper bag food
paper bag with aluminum
roast chicken

We are thinking of you...

And that's why you can find ready-made packaging solutions in us.
Supply Thematic printed series depending on your store.

Bread House: pastry paper bags, bread paper bags, transparent baguette paper bag, kraft white wrapping paper, pastry boxes, plastic bags and fabric ribbons.

Grill: Wrapping paper for food, paper bag for snack, grill boxes.

bread house rebornpack
icon rebornpack

Bread House

Series for bakery shop

grill_wrap grill
icon rebornpack


Series for Grills

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