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We print your idea on paper

At Reborn Pack we produce paper bags, wrapping paper, placemats, tablecloths, food bags, cultery paper cases, and we customize packages based on your needs such as paper bags with window, baguette, with aluminum foil and flat bags with the size you need.

Paper bags

paper bag with window

Kraft white/brown 50gr Vesital brown/white 45gr

with aluminum

Kraft Brown 65 / 90gr & sulphite white 100gr

cultery paper case

Kraft Brown 65 / 80gr & sulphite white 90gr

S/S Sfoliatas

Vesital brown/white 45gr Kraft brown/White 50gr

one sided flat bag

Kraft Coffee with aluminum 65gr & vegetal white 45gr


kraft brown / white 50gr

packaging printing

Paper bags

Pleated paper bags in kraft qualities, greaseproof, paper bags with a window to highlight your product, recycled kraft paper, open side paper bag and envelope paper bag are some of the many items we produce. Also available in small sizes for tourist souvenir packaging.

With printed trade designs we provide paper bags for bakery shops, grill shops, etc. paper bags for cheesecake, snack and for gyro souvlaki.

Wrapping Papers

Wrapping sheets suitable for wrapping food and products - gift wrapping in kraft qualities, greaseproof, 25gsm tissue paper, peach paper. 

Available in stock, Generic print design for steakhouse and bakery.

Laminated Papers with with a PE liner inside

Polyethylene film reinforced papers have extra resistance to weight, water, fat and are ideal for wrapping fresh meat, poultry, cold cuts, fish and cheese products.

Kraft, glossy (Illustration), matte (cellulose) and recycled kraft qualities are laminated.

We provide our customers with pre-printed sheets (Generic design) for butchery, delicatessen and fish shop

Placemats, Tablecloths and Cutlery Cases

We produce disposable paper placemats, paper tablecloths, and paper cases for cutlery, white or brown in kraft qualities, greaseproof white & brown, recycled kraft and there is the possibility of a PE liner inside reinforcement, in the dimension you need.

Thermal insulation with aluminum reinforcement

We provide our customers with pre-printed sheets (Generic design) for butchery, delicatessen and fish shop

They are categorized by the weigh per square meter as follows: kraft brown 65gsm or kraft Brown 90gsm and Sulphite white 100gsm, in the desired dimensions.

Ideal packaging for grills, restaurants, coffee grinders, nuts, candies, spices.

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